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Wicked Wombats - Adult personals

Wicked Wombats makes it incredibly easy to find other horny men or women looking for sexual adventures. We cater for singles, couples, young, mature, male or female. People have always wanted to stretch their sexual boundaries but it's often hard to find somewhere to meet like minded playmates. The days of cryptic adult personals in the paper are long gone. Wicked Wombats gives you pictures, video clips, online messaging and access to thousands of Australian girls and guys all looking for some adult fun.

As an adult specific service please be aware that you will get sent naked pictures and messages of an explicit sexual nature. If you are not comfortable with this please look elsewhere.

Our online adult personals site lets you show others what you're looking for with extensive profiles and requirements. You can also go on the search to find your dream sexual partner. We have many couples looking for a threesome or people in open relationships who like to be with different partners as well as, of course horny singles not getting it regularly enough.

It's simple to get started. The best way, is to use our FREE no credit card account first, to get a feel and make sure we're the right adult personals service for you. Then you can start filling out your profile which will immediately start getting you messages. We don't match people up, we think you're quite capable of knowing what turns you on. There are suggestions based on who's online and local to you. But with just a couple of clicks you can use our filtered search to find just the people you are interested in.